Hello and welcome to the new home business website.

A useful and informative knowledge base, for anyone wishing to break free from fulltime employment and yearning to be boss and financially free. A source of directive education and experiences based information on how to become and successful in any Business.


Hello, I am Nico, a stay at home father and successful home businessman. After years of grappling in the world while being feed up of it, until I decided to take the bull by the horns and make a real go of running a home business. 

Where one can enjoy life at the same time as running a home. Perhaps like many of you people out there spending countless hours learning the ropes and creating a successful home income. 

(No boss required here thank you). 


Now I want to help fellow people of the world become financially independent and free. 

To enjoy the home business world, without all the un-necessary pitfalls, online scams, useless training and time-wasting.

Spending hours searching the web for answers on how to become a successful online business person. 


The initial intention of this website is to provide true guidance and best functioning methods in creating a prosperous online home business.

With lots of valuable advice, pointers and know-how, moving you in the direction forwards to what you might require to provide you with a regular online passive income. 

Alongside some current experiences, running a home business including;

Education, training resources and conclusions.

The best practices and ways to achieve successes. 

Honest reviews and opinions of any services and training I have encountered, Where to invest your time, money and efforts.

Diving into creating a home-based successful online business. You could run it/them from any location. As long as you have access to the internet, you’re ready to go.

In the next blog, we will talk about things you might think about when starting a new home business.