Centralize your presence on the web without a website.


Hello and back again with a new and exciting website tool/service that should be used to centralize all your social media and other web links.

I came across this by accident and found it to be such a handy and useful link system to use in your social media profiles that limit your web links to a single URL.

I signed up and made my first page in around 10 mins, best of all they have a free service alongside a pro membership.
The differences are minimal for users like me who don’t mind the simple design and website branding at the footer of the page, I thought to myself, well there are providing this for free to me and that’s how I came across it in the first instance. While I was browsing some of the musicians I follow on Instagram, A band referred to there new song out now. “Link in the bio” It looked interesting as I also have some of their music, so I clicked it then brought me to this page with some simple button and text links where there was a list of all their Music sales and download pages,. i.e Bandcamp, Spotify, etc etc. wow great idea!

So was very handy indeed, and a fabulous idea. Hence I found the link in the footer of their page and clicked on it to find the sign-up page! Wolla a nice service for a great price, well free is always nice and if I find myself expanding further I shall look into the pro membership.

Go check out their website www.linktr.ee for more information and how the free and Pro memberships fair against each other to see which fits you best. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments below.

Until next time, cheerio!

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