WA its a shame, but true :(


Hello people, Just felt inspired to write this post about my experience with the WA (wealthyaffiliate.com) website so far. 

As a new member and after the trial 7 days partial access, Your left with limited access to some various options and functionality of the website. So while I am constantly bombarded with “Up-Grade to Premium” Banners and notifications, due to the fact almost all of the interactions after the first “Free” period, May only be performed with a “premium” such subscription in place.

Granted the full membership grants you these access/usage privileges, plus plenty more for your $ dollars. You also have a hosting package and domain name. WordPress is the main framework web platform so is also handy for the beginner. There are indeed lots of tutorials, also apparently a very helpful Facebook user welp forum group. However, due to being only a free member and not a Facebook user, I have had very little contact with anyone, and not able to make any posts, ask questions, make support contact. Oh, and you have to be a full member to use the “Flacebook” user group. There appears to be a lot of users online to help you out with any questions etc however these are also Facebook timeline feeds, or so they appear to be. 

Good or Bad

I’m not saying that you don’t get quite a lot on offer, for the free membership. This gives you a chance to see how things might work for you and the general working’s of the site and yes there are lots of very useful tutorial videos, you get 10 lessons, various blogs and posts.

Depending on your experience and requirements, as to what will be useful for you. That said, I’m not even able to contact anyone from the site, make post’s, write blogs, ask questions, report abuse, Nothing. Which in my opinion s a great shame.

I signed up after watching an inspiring video about WA. However no dedication on my part or much to little time to analyze the functions and website immediately. Yes, yes, yes I know you make the time when serious about something, and I do! Meanwhile, this is the case. Nevertheless, on this occasion, I just wanted more information and some time to investigate the membership advantages, in relation to my goal at the time.

Why did I sign up?

It has been almost a year of investigation and making some time for the tutorials to discover I have quite a few doubts about the website, It’s quite clearly making money for some people (Like the owners of the wealthy-affiliate) While also aiming to help other user’s/ people train themself’s and build the skill’s in affiliate marketing and online businesses etc. The services offered are in my opinion actual authentic and I would say the website’s intention is more education and services. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. quite the contrary. If you take the time and follow all the video tutorials and various other learning sections, streams etc, you can gain an immense amount of training, knowledge and direction  

On a side note for non-members, It seems there is quite some persistence on pushing, “Encouraging you” with this kind of pop-ups 

Your comment privileges have expired. Upgrade to Premium and unlock UNLIMITED help & support

No to mention if you do not become a full member within 6 months you will receive this email

Email From WA


We really want to thank you for using the Wealthy Affiliate platform and we hope you have enjoyed using your SiteRubix.com domains for the last 6 months along with the service inside of Wealthy Affiliate. 🙂

To free up room for those folks that are serious about creating a business online and for our newcomers, we are clearing up space on our hosting platform to keep it of the utmost quality.

As a result, the following domain that you have associated with your Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership will be removed in 14 days.


You can absolutely keep this domain if you are interested in upgrading to our Premium membership which will allow you to retain this website and will also give you access to 25 websites on your own domain, 25 siterubix.com domains, and Premium hosting within WA (plus a ton of other stuff). 

Learn About & Upgrade to Our Unbelievable Premium Membership

Something that you may want to consider if you are still serious about creating a business online. 

Kyle, Carson & The Team


What does it mean

Which meant “sign up” for a membership or adios amigos. Were going to delete the website that’s 6 months and not signed up, alongside ALL the work you may or may not have put into it. The articles, posts, the website itself also requires your time investment for design, layout etc. 

So if your slow on the uptake and perhaps don’t have the spare time or full commitment in these moments. Then I would advise to simply use the free membership to see if this is for you, then once you have the hang of things put time into the content only if you wish to pay for a subscription at some point. 

Or you will just lose your work and time commitments. 

Or perhaps you don’t mind or are accustomed to paying subscription fees. Then you will have a very useful and educational web-based platform at your disposal. 

Good that all said and done! Well for now…… 

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